The Doctor, Sherlock and Me
"Did you order the motivational seminar by Forrest Gump?"

A place for me to house my Wholock addiction. I love Doctor Who and Sherlock obviously so expect to see lots of My husband Mr. Martin Freeman, Our Good Friend Bandersnatch Cummerbund, David Tennant, Christopher Eccelston and Definitely Matt Smith...actually that's all I'm going to post. Deal with it. I also live a Johnlock and Cabin Pressure appreciation life. Martin Crieff is my spirit animal and Benedict Cumberbatch has finger toes!

If you want to keep in touch…

I’m on twitter @livelovelennon if you have one. I’m signing off now. Bye guys! I’ll miss you!

As much as i want to say DONT LEAVE NOO! You probs should if you want to, so good luck <3

Aw I promise I won’t forget you guys. I love you all.

I am so crushed right now, but I do understand completely, 3 years is a long time. But you're my favorite TT_TT what will I do/be without you? It's not fair!!

Aw there are other blogs out there way better then mine that will amuse you I promise. I’ve enjoyed being here and I will miss you and your Cumber finger toes icon.

I guess I haven't been following you long but I've loved every second, you lovely and wonderful human being. Good luck with whatever you do next! Come back one day when we're all old and grey and still in love with beautiful British men. <33

I definitely will come back when I get my first grey hair and we can reminisce about how we loved Sherlock before it was hip XD I will miss every one of you guys I truly will.

Thank you for being awesome for the short while I've been following you, your stuff is awesome! Good luck in the future if you're leaving and I'm anonymous because I am so socially awkward I can't even say nice things without feeling awkward and embarrased!

I understand sometimes it’s easier to say what you want to when you don’t have to do it face first. I appreciate the kind words and I’m glad you thought my blog was awesome while it lasted XD

I really hope that you are going to feel better! I understand you and if it feels right, you should do it. I wish you so much luck in the rest of your life!

Thank you very much. It’s nice getting so many words of encouragement, but it sucks people are already starting to unfollow me like I died or something XD

If its true that you're leaving, then I hope everything goes well for you. I hope you feel better with your depression and stuff. I would say "have a nice life" but it always has a kind of rude connotation. But I do hope everything goes well for you and you're happy :)

Thank you. I just need to focus on the bigger things going on in my life. I feel like unless I leave now I won’t get any better. Tumblr can be a pretty vicious place and it’s something I don’t need in my life at the moment. It’s better if I just kind of take a step back.

Good luck. Of course I'm sad to see you leave, but... it's your choice entirely. Are you planning on deleting the blog? (That would be a shame, please keep it).

I will keep it up. I don’t see any real reason to delete it. That way when I’m 80 I can come back and look at how crazy I was when I was 21 XD

We'll miss you. :(

Aw I’ll miss you guys too. I think it’s the right thing to do though it just feels right.

Best of luck in all you do!

Thank you!

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